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Editorial: Why not harvest rainwater?

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Rainwater harvesting is not just happening in the US, it is a worldwide event.  Folks are noticing the changing weather patterns which in some cases mean more severe rain storms and view it as an opportunity to adopt more sustainable methods.

Below is a recent article from El Salvador where the city of Davao City has a rainwater harvesting ordinance, the writer is pushing for even greater adoption of the practice.


In Asia rainwater harvesting had been common for decades but forgotten. It is now being rediscovered.  For example, in Korea it is being promoted as a solution to ongoing water shortages in remote areas.


In China, it is a growing solution to a pressing water problem.


And in Europe, a court ruled that laundry can be washed with rainwater thus providing even a greater market for rainwater catchment systems. 


In the US, where it seems we lag and then leap ahead of other markets, rainwater harvesting is slowly moving forward with little to no federal support and in most cases no state level support.  Just imagine what would happen to this market with just a little support from our elected politicians.

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