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Colorado River Drought Forces a Painful Reckoning for States

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Today's article in the New York Times highlights the critical importance rivers play in our national water system.  This article is specifically about the Western United States, but rivers across the country are diminishing and increasingly adding risk to our water supply future.


The Rio Grande river is now a fraction of it former self and without the diversion from the Colorado River through the San Juan / Chama diversion the river would not even reach Albuquerque.  The drought in this area has reduced upstream Rio Grande reservoirs to historic low levels.
The Rio Grande River near Isleta Pueblo south ...

The Rio Grande River near Isleta Pueblo south of Albuquerque (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Klamath in Oregon to the Chattahoochee in the South, rivers are becoming more and more over-allocated and thus fueling conflict in neighbors with competing rights.


River water is just one of our sources of water, with ground water being another.  Rivers and the impact of over drawing and diminishing supplies are quite visible.   Not so visible are our ground water supplies, and yet these supplies are also diminishing below our very feet.


Water is key to our quality of life and our very survival. It needs to be a very high priority.  Driving blind and being wasteful is not a good long-term survival strategy. 

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