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Copper Rule leaves a bad taste in NM's mouth

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Per a recent article the Albuquerque Journal our Environmental Regulations are being reduced, not improved under the current Governor.

"Groundwater provides the drinking water for 90 percent of the people in New Mexico. For that reason, whether the recently adopted regulation that addresses groundwater pollution by copper mines (commonly referred to as "the Copper Rule") adequately protects New Mexico's groundwater is a very significant issue."

The article goes to explain how this new regulations puts our limited groundwater supply at risk.  Good for cooper mines, bad if you happen to drink water and live anywhere near a mine.


The new policy was bitterly opposed by a group of Silver City residents who live near copper mines; the New Mexico Attorney General's Office; the New Mexico Environmental Law Center; the conservation group Amigos Bravos; and Bill Olson, the contractor hired by the New Mexico Environment Department to help craft the regulations.


New Mexico Attorney General Gary King and the New Mexico Environmental Law Center both have said they plan to appeal the decision.

I urge you to support these efforts and write your representative and senator to ask why we are going backwards and not forwards.  We have more data, more science, and more technologies to deal with these issues.  We only have so much water.

As stated by the Cabinet Secretary this law is stricter than the one in AZ or NV.  That is a good goal.  Let's make it as good as our neighbors, if at least we can't do better.

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