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Safe Drinking for All through Solar Disinfection

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I recently posted an article on my website dealing with Solar Disinfection.  Dr.Anumakonda Jagadeesh was kind enough to allow me to republish this article in full with tables included in the complete article.  An excerpt of this article is below.

One might wonder how Solar Disinfection and Rainwater Harvesting are related.  Through the website I get many, many questions on how to filter rainwater.  These questions come from readers around the world as well as organizations interested in providing low-cost, low maintenance drinking water systems.  Solar Disinfection is one method that has proven to be effective as Dr. Jagadeesh research again shows.  His low-cost design is perfect for locations with lots of sun and do not have access to clean, purified potable water.


Every 8 seconds, a child dies from water related disease around the globe. 50% of people in developing countries suffer from one or more water-related diseases. 80% of diseases in the developing countries are caused by contaminated water. Providing safe drinking water to the people has been a major challenge for Governments in developing countries. Conventional technologies used to disinfect water are: ozonation, chlorination and artificial UV radiation.

Treatment to control waterborne microbial contaminants by exposure to sunlight in clear vessels that allows the combined germicidal effects of both UV radiation and heat has been developed and put into practice.  Though 6 bottles were used in the system(each of 1 liter capacity), larger units with up to 100 bottles can be designed. The unit destroyed 99.99% of bacterial coli forms both in well water and waste water samples in 5 hours.

Link to Complete Study
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