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The Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting Over Other Sustainable Options

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A good article that starts a comparison that is long over due.  Not enough is being said today about comparing the various "green" alternatives.  Today, most press goes to solar panels and PV.  Solar connectors, even though a better investment, gets short mention.  And of course, rainwater hardly gets no mention as a possible good investment.  Hopefully this will be the first of many, many articles comparing the alternatives.

The Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting Over Other Sustainable Options

Sustainable options, green options and renewables - the pressure is on us to do each one of these, and we know we should. However, it all seems so difficult and it is expensive and the return on the investment could be so long. We might not even be alive to see the benefit.

Rainwater harvesting is one of these options and is something we can all understand quite easily. After all, our ancestors were doing it for centuries until mains water arrived, and it is not rocket science. Generally people with gardens have one or two water butts. Rainwater harvesting is just using water butts on a much larger scale and using rainwater for far more than just watering the garden. Fifty percent of the 150 litres of water we use daily does not have to be mains water, that is to say, drinking quality. 30% literally goes down the toilet.

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