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This site has hundreds of articles on various water-related topics. It takes a lot of energy to heat water, or you can do it for free using the sun.

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Heating Water with the Sun

Heating water directly with solar thermal panels or heating water by generating electricity through photovoltaic (PV) panels and then using this electricity to heat water are two ways to reduce your reliance on the grid and your water footprint. Why choose one over the other? This article will explore these questions and more. >> more

Space Heating For Free, Forever

Most projects I design are fairly standard rainwater or thermal solar systems, but every now and then I get to design one that is far from routine. One such project involved space heating a small master bathroom for a local couple who cares a great deal about living a small energy footprint.


Solar Hot Water — It Just Makes Cents

A few winters ago my brother and I fixed the solar hot water system belonging to some friends of ours. The piping on the roof had sprung a leak and needed a small repair, unfortunately in the middle of a snowstorm. The longevity of this system (more than 20 years) and the tremendous cost and energy savings enjoyed during that time by the home’s residents truly amazed me. But before I go into those details, let me first tell you a bit more about this system.

Safe Water Through Solar Disinfection

Every 8 seconds, a child dies from water related disease around the globe. 50% of people in developing countries suffer from one or more water-related diseases. 80% of diseases in the developing countries are caused by contaminated water. Providing safe drinking water to the people has been a major challenge for Governments in developing countries. Conventional technologies used to disinfect water are: ozonation, chlorination and artificial UV radiation.





Rain Harvesting

Xerxes Tanks

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Taking on Water

A Great Aridness

Drinking Water

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