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This site has hundreds of articles on various water-related topics. This section looks specifically at the Energy/Water Nexus and the Water/Energy Nexus. Water takes energy and energy takes water, two sides of the same coin. Save one and you save the other.

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Energy Water - The Future

As we enter another year of uncertainty, many questions revolve around access and sustainability of our water and energy sources. Will the drought end? Will fire impact our watershed? Will the river flow this summer? Will the monsoons happen? How much will my utility bills go up this year due to increasing summer temperatures?

Water – Another View

In a recent article I reviewed our growing population and the declining precipitation rates that the northern New Mexico area has experienced over the past several decades. This paints a very arid picture indeed for this part of the country. Pumping more water or increasing water transfer from other areas is not going to solve this problem. Increased pumping and transferring water from further locations increases the need for more power generation and this directly translates into more power plants.

Save Water, Save Energy - Recycle

Recyling is mainstream. Most large and medium sized cities have a recycling program in place. But why recycle when we have plenty of empty land to trash? For as long as I can remember my grandmother recycled. She was way ahead of her time. She thought it was just the right thing to do. Sending stuff to a landfill did not make sense to her. She recycled as much as she could. She hauled newsletters to the local recycling center, took bottles back to the store and recycled unwanted or discarded items to local second hand or goodwill stores. In short, she was trying to have a smaller carbon footprint before those words entered the American vocabulary.

Save Energy, Save Water, and Be Smart About It

Many of us want to live more sustainably and yet feel overwhelmed by the many options and conflicting views that are out there. Should I install a photovoltaic system, a rainwater harvesting system, a geothermal or solar thermal system? All are good options and if done properly will increase your water/energy security, save dollars over the long term, and help reduce your carbon/water footprint. Many of us are not fortunate enough to do them all so we have to prioritize. And to do that, we need information.Water and energy audits are a great way to start.



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