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As part of running a small 'green' business in Santa Fe, New Mexico I struggle with recycling. Although the City of Santa Fe has a very good recycling program, it is incomplete. Simple things are not recycled by the city, but are recycleable (e.g. #5 plastic food containers, packing peanuts). Some items are recycled by local companies in their effort to be green and others just do it to save money.

For me, I dont care why, I just want a list I could go to to find local recycling places for items the city does not include in their program. In response to this need, I started this webpage and associated blog to get moving in that direction. I hope it helps you.

If you know of things not on the list below, please leave me a comment or suggestion.

I am not a recycling expert, but if you submit a question I will try to get it answered by our readers or from someone from the City, please leave me a comment or suggestion.

If you want to be kept up to date on recycling changes and locations, just subscribe to this page and you will get an email every time I update the page.

Thank you all for helping Keep Santa Fe Beautiful.

Recycling by Location

Agora in Eldorado Plastic bags
Albertson's Grocery Stores Card board, Plastic bags, Paper, Pallets, Scrap metal
Auto Zone Motor Oil
BatteryPlus Rechargeable batteries
Big Brothers, Big Sisters Clothing
Book Mountain Books, softcover
Books and More Books Books
Buckman Road Transfer Station Aluminum, #1 Plastic Bottles, #2 Plastic Bottles, Paper, Glass bottles, Cardboard, Fluorsecent bulbs, Metal, Phone books, (exceptions apply)
Capital Scrap Metals Inc Scrap Metal, Auto Parts
Cell Phones for Soldiers Cell Phones
City of Santa Fe Aluminum, Glass bottles, #1 Plastic Bottles, #2 Plastic Bottles, Paper, Cardboard, Metal (exceptions apply)
Goodwill Appliances, Clothing, Household Furnishings, TVs
Home Depot Rechargeable batteries
Hospice Center Thrift Store Appliances, Clothing, Household Furnishings
Jiffy Lube Motor Oil
Kitchen Angels Food, Unopened
The Cat Appliances, Clothing, Household Furnishings, Pet Supplies
Lowes Rechargeable batteries
Mr G's Recycling Scrap Metal, Auto Parts
Office Depot/ OfficeMax Toner cartridges
Rapid Refill Ink Toner cartridges
Restore Appliances, Building Materials
Salvation Army Appliances, Clothing, Building Materials, TVs
Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society Pet Supplies
Santa Fe Public Health Dept Needles/syringes
St. Vincent Regional Medical Center Magazines
Staples Toner cartridges
Whole Foods Aluminum, Plastic bags, Paper, #1 Plastic Bottles, #2 Plastic Bottles, #5 Plastic containers, cellphones, Glass bottles

Recycling List by Type

Plastic bags Food, unopened
#1 Plastic bottles Furniture, bad condition
#1 Plastic, not bottles Furniture, good condition
#2 Plastic bottles Glass
#2 Plastic, not bottles Grass
#5 Plastic Leaves
Aluminum Magazines
Animal Supplies, Med - Large Monitors
Animal Supplies, Small Motor oil
Appliances Musical instruments
Auto parts Needles
Batteries, car Newspapers
Batteries, non-rechargeable Pallets
Batteries, rechargeable Phone books
Books, paperback Plant Containers
Books, hardcopy Scrap metal, large
Bottles Scrap metal, small
Building materials Shipping peanuts
Cardboard Small electronics
Cell phones Small electronics, potables
Clothing, bad condition Steel
Clothing, Children Stereo
Clothing, good condition Styroform
Computers Toner cartridges
Fluorescent bulbs TV

If you recycled or know of locations not list above or something in the above list is not correct, please leave a comment below.





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