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Don't Miss - 2021 Next Generation Water Summit

by Doug Pushard

Keynoter: Jonathan Overpeck

The 4th Annual Next Generation Water Summit (NGWS) is quickly approaching. It is June 2nd - 4th. This year's event with be online!

This year’s event, like the previous ones, will feature some of the most notable water speakers in the country. Additionally, it will feature a host of workshops.

The NGWS is a southwest/western regional forum that brings together developers, builders, architects, water utility, and water professionals to share best practices and learn of the best water conservation and water reuse practices from around the country. The southwest with it’s growing population, large dependency on the Colorado River and ground water and it’s propensity for drought is very unique and progressive in it’s water management policies and practices.

The NGWS brings together leaders throughout the southwest to discuss ongoing efforts to improve as well as brainstorm new programs and practices.

Professor Katharine Hayhoe, The Nature Conservancy’s Chief Scientist and 2019 United Nations Champion of the Earth award winner. In addition to being a highly sought-after speaker, she is also director of the Climate Center, an associate in the Public Health program of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Texas Tech University, a principal investigator for the Department of Interior’s South-Central Climate Adaptation Science Center, the founder and CEO of ATMOS Research, a scientific advisor to 5 organizations and a television show producer. She will address the water impacts of climate change in a way that helps city planners, policymakers and individuals quantify those impacts.

Some of the experts scheduled to present June 2nd – 4th include:

Why Your Shower Feels Wimpy (and What to Do About It)!” by Gary Klein of Gary Klein Associates

Panel: National Green Building Standard – Water Ratings? What Gives?” moderated by Kim Shanahan; panelists include Cindy Wasser from Home Innovation Research Labs and Craig Conner of Building Quality

Water Savings Through Performance Based Tools by Laureen Blissard

This year's event will be online with both live and recorded sessions. Some of the recorded sessions include: Improving Drip Irrigation Efficiency, Water Demand Calculator - What is It?, WaterSense for Homes 2.0, Panel on Graywater Trends, and several others.

As with past NGWS, this year’s event will host a wide range of water certification courses before and after the Summit. This year’s workshops include: Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS)® Verifier and Consultant training, QWEL Landscape Auditor training, New Mexico Advanced Treatment Systems certification training and several others.

Detailed information about NGWS can be found at:


Some of this year's sponsors are: The City of Santa Fe, GreenBuilder Media, the Green Chamber of Commerce, Kuelwater and the Santa Fe Community College.

The Next Generation Water Summit brings together the building and development community, water reuse professionals and water policymakers in a collaborative setting to share best practices and learn about innovative water conservation and water reuse techniques that can be used to comply with water conservation restrictions spreading across the Southwest.





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