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July 2013 Archives

And in good news from Washington, a detailed executive order making water a major national priority and moving the nation to a clean energy future is being submitted today to the White House for the consideration of President Obama.

As composed by the Committee for an American Clean Energy Agenda (ACEA), which represents 120 citizen organizations with nearly 2 million members in 33 states and the District of Columbia, the draft executive order would require: (1) the completion of a long-overdue national water census; (2) the first "U.S. Water Budget"; and (3) a plan for a shift by 2030 from fossil fuel and nuclear power to clean energy, increased energy efficiency, and enhanced energy storage technologies within key watersheds identified by the US Geological Survey.

For the full copy of the draft executive order, go tohttp://www.americancleanenergyagenda.org/news/.