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February 2013 Archives

Yes, 2011 and 2012 were dry and 2013 looks to be the same.  What are we doing state-wide - not much?  What are we doing in Santa Fe - preparing to pump ground water.

Yes, we have an Emergency Drought Management Ordinance, but it only comes into effect if our supplies fall below our projected demand significantly.  With our 13 wells this is not likely to happen due to our low consumption rate.  So we will pump our future out of the ground.

With the drought continuing and not knowing how long it will continue, what should we be doing?  The recent article in the Santa Fe Reporter reviews the current drought, our state-wide inactions, and what California did when it was in a similar situation.


Per an earlier article in the Santa Fe New Mexican the drought may force some action.


Sounds off on what you think we should do?

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