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December 2012 Archives

Finally linkages between what we drink and it's health consequences.  These types of studies are long overdue.  It makes logical sense that the bad stuff we consume would have bad impact on our bodies.  However, there is are few studies directly investigating this local linkage.

I am very excited about a study which is scheduled to come out next year about harmful substances in the water, linked to vegetables we consume and the direct impact to health.  Again an area that is totally under-funded for studies. 

Think organic foods and organic labeling which require no water testing to be able to promote as organic. 

I am hopeful this whole line of research will start getting the attention it deserves.  And oh yea, of course another reason why rainwater is better as one reader pointed out.

"We wanted to see if there was an association between certain pesticides and food allergies, and we were specifically interested in dichlorophenols because those were the ones that had this antibacterial effect," said lead researcher Dr. Elina Jerschow. "When researchers have compared bacteria from the bowel in healthy kids versus bacteria in the bowel for kids that have lot of allergies, they've noticed a big difference."