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August 2012 Archives

Yet another reason to catch the rain before it hits the dirt. 

The below study, a first of it's kind, begins to examine the buildup of a few drugs in soils over time.  It is well known that there are hundreds of contaminants not monitored by the EPA in our water supplies.  This study takes it one step further and starts to examine them in the soils and how long they last.  Much more research needs to be done in this area to help us understand how to remove these harmful contaminants before they enter our food system, but at least we are starting to understand that they just don't disappear because we flush them down the drain.

Health Problems Uncovered By New Research - Wastewater Reuse

Of course, capturing rainwater and using it is one way to ensure you are not watering your garden or drinking water with these contaminants. 

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