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Recycling in Santa Fe

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Americans are recycling more and discarding less, according to a report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that shows the United States recycled 32 percent of its waste in 2005.     

Solid waste results in greenhouse gas (GHG) production. First, on it's way to becoming a waste, there is embodied energy from the materials manufacture, transportation, use, and disposal. Then, as it decomposes in a landfill it produces the GHG methane. In addition to directly creating GHG, not reusing or recycling waste results in the extraction of more natural resources and manufacture and transportation of more new products. 

 So it is critical to reduce waste, one simple way is recycling.                            

 Recycling List by Location                                       Recycling List by Type 

Help us make this list as extensive and as inclusive as possible.  If you know a site not listed, send us a comment below and we will get it listed.

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