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General Water News by Month

August 2016

6 Million Americans Drink Water Tainted with Toxic Chemicals

May 2016

With state population growing, Texas water board eyes new water plan including rainwater harvesting

Research Links Nitrate In Drinking Water To Birth Defects

Unplugging the Colorado River

Safe drinking water may not need to contain a residual disinfectant

April 2016

Sierra Nevada Snow Won’t End California’s Thirst

Small islands to face increased freshwater scarcity

Stanford scientists find that fracking has 'clear impact' on drinking water in Wyoming

March 2016

Surprising Facts From The 'Value Of Water' Poll

Feds issue warning as group fights for more Rio Grande water

February 2016

Rain barrel legislation passes out of Colorado House committee

Drought's impact will spread far beyond western US, say scientists

How Water Shapes Architecture in Arid Tucson

4 Billion Lack Access to Water

January 2016

Rain and Water Harvesting

The Drinking Water Treatability Database

Obama Admin Wants To Cut Water Use By A Third

EPA Survey Shows $271 Billion Needed for Nation’s

Determining Landscape Plant Water Demand

December 2015

California Wants to Store Water for Farmers, but Struggles Over How to Do It

Haunted by Waters

The Central Valley is sinking: drought forces farmers to ponder the abyss

ANSI Approves Standard for Determining Landscape Plant Water Demand

Earth's underground water quantified

In California, Stingy Water Users Are Fined in Drought, While the Rich Soak

October 2015

In Drought-Ridden
California, the
Classic Lawn
Loses Ground

Going local to solve Mexico City's water crisis

U.S. Has Reached 52 Percent Drought

Recycling saves water

September 2015

Microbeads Entering Our Water Daily Could Cover 300 Tennis Courts

August 2015

'Bug-killing book' that cleans up to 100 litres of murky water passes field trials

How California Is Winning the Drought

Natural Uranium Contamination in Major U.S. Aquifers Linked to Nitrate

July 2015

Community resilience in face of drought

Water Crisis Brings Out Puerto Rico’s Creative Side

Less than Zero

How federal dollars are financing the water crisis in the West

13 ways to provide water and sanitation for nine billion people

Drought Sends U.S. Water Agency Back to Drawing Board

Should we learn to live without water

Don't let Texas' excess water go to waste

On Parched Navajo Reservation, ‘Water Lady’ Brings Liquid Gold

June 2015

Parched Southwest looks closely at turning salt water into fresh water

May 2015

Farmers Agree to Water Cuts in California

Your Contribution to the California Drought

Water Pricing in Two Thirsty Cities: In One, Guzzlers Pay More, and Use Less

Drought’s Extremes Tallied at Record-Low Lake Mead

April 2015

Drought Frames Economic Divide of Californians

Water Efficiency Rating Score (WERS) Program Wins Sustainable Santa Fe Award

Drought is not just a California problem

Mighty Rio Grande Now a Trickle Under Siege

There's A Simple Way To Make A Big Dent In California's Drought. Why Aren't Government Officials Promoting It?

California Imposes First Mandatory Water Restrictions to Deal With Drought

March 2015

The Southwestern Water Wars

Draft ASPE Standard - Electrochemical Drinking Water Treatment Systems

February 2015

Portland is now powered by water pipes and flushing toilets

U.S. 'Megadroughts' Are Likely Later This Century, Study Finds

New Dangers Found In Produced Water

Florida's Water Waste Prompts Look at Recyling

Dirty California Water Linked To Obesity

Researchers Call For Changes In 50-Year-Old Drinking Water Standards

January 2015

Onwards to a future of grey and black water

Rain, rain, don't go away

First Ever Performance-Based Comparative Water Use Rating Tool for Home Builders

Big Fracking Question: Is Our Drinking Water at Risk

Water plan tackles critical issue of supply and demand

National – States React to New Era of Water Scarcity

December 2014

Mexico City In Crisis Over Water

Next Step in Sustainability: Requiring Homes to Recycle Water

Plan to Connect Storm Water Drains to Water Bodies in City

November 2014

St. Paul Saints ballpark equipped with RWH system

Oklahoma Approves Water Reuse Law

Colorado Takes On Looming Water Shortages

Hydrology hypotheses: can we make our own water?

Mexico City faces growing water crisis

October 2014

Recycled Water For Irrigation — Is It Safe?

In Times of Drought: Nine Economic Facts about Water in the United States

Santa Cruz Enforces California's Toughest Drought Restrictions

San Antonio has options better than Vista Ridge Pipeline

The Risks of Cheap Water

The Real Relationship Between Conservation and Rising Water Rates

Could Water Scarcity Prompt A Battle Between U.S. and Canada?

Once-vast Aral Sea dries up to almost nothing

With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate

September 2014

Federal Report: EPA Fracking Oversight Not Enough

Into The Storm: Forecasting The Future Of Water

Think the Southwest’s Drought Is Bad Now? It Could Last a Generation or More

Water Shortages Strike Another State

Are Fracking Chemicals Getting Too Close To Drinking Water Aquifers?

July 2014

Storms Get Headlines, but Drought Is a Sneaky, Devastating Game-Changer

Saving Water in California

Waste Not, Want Not

June 2014

First Ever Long-Term Rebate Study

Arizona Cities Could Face Cutbacks in Water From Colorado River, Officials Say

Home Water Management Using Rain Barrels

May 2014

A Postmodern Water Frontier

April 2014

Five Melbourne companies guzzle water

Time to finally protect wetlands, streams

Texas Wins Advantage In Groundwater Fight With New Mexico

Texas Water Rules Are A Mess

March 2014

Water crisis in the twilight zone

The Thirsty West: What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

West’s Drought and Growth Intensify Conflict Over Water Rights

New Indirect Potable Reuse Regulations — What To Expect

The Thirsty West: Can Tucson Survive Climate Change?

Conserve and Get a Smiley Face

February 2014

Days of Desiccation

EPA Releases Climate Assessment Update To National Stormwater Calculator

California Seeing Brown Where Green Used to Be

Malta needs 'national watermanagement plan

Severe Drought Has U.S. West Fearing Worst

Parched, California Cuts Off Tap to Agencies

January 2014

Its Great Lake Shriveled, Iran Confronts Crisis of Water Supply

EPA Announce Science Research Grants

3 Tips For Utilities On Effective Consumer Outreach

EPA Stormwater Ruling: How Will It Impact Utilities?

Spending Bill Includes Over $2 Billion For State Water Funds

California areas brace for water rationing as reservoir levels fall

Chemical levels in West Virginia water drop, but still no end in sight to ban

EPA's Top 10 Technology Needs For Water

Lead In D.C. Water Associated With Miscarriages

Is This the Future of RO

December 2013

Water Security: Everyday engagement with public policy

The Year In Water Regulations: What You Need To Know

Atlanta's Green Investment

November 2013

Conserve rain water to solve water crisis

Concerns as Austin Residents Drill New Wells

EPA Awards $400,000 to Communities to Reduce Water Pollution, Build Resilience to Climate Change

October 2013

Futuristic water-recycling shower cuts bills by over $1,000

September 2013

Cancer-Causing TCE Threatens U.S. Water Supplies

Demand for water in Texas exceeds its supply

August 2013

Ruidoso couple runs house with rainwater

Rain Collection: Affordable Conservation

July 2013

Higher Daily Nitrate Associated with Birth Defects

Drought recovery: Save the rain

Stormwater management system installed at $450M FL ultra-green development

June 2013

Koreans introduce rainwater harvesting in Mtwara

April 2013

Slaking a Region’s Thirst While Cleaning Its Beaches

March 2013

Water Regulations: A Fix For The Environment And The Economy

Rains or Not, India Is Falling Short on Drinkable Water

Where's the Water of the Future? Right Here

January 2013

Establishing Corporate Water Sustainability

The Water Footprint of Energy Independence

WEF Executive Director Briefs US Conference of Mayors Water Council on Water for Jobs Campaign

Balancing the Water-Energy Nexus

Attacking Apathy and Reducing Demand

New water lows for Great Lakes could drain local economies

As Texas Bakes in a Long Drought, Water Becomes a Focus for Legislators

The Policy of “Pumping the Recharge” Is Out of Control

The Intelligent Use of Water™ Infographic

Attacking Apathy and Reducing Demand

December 2012

Mississippi River shutdown because of water levels

Pesticides: Now More Than Ever

Pesticides in Tap Water Linked to Food Allergies

November 2012

Disinfection Basics

EWG Calls on EPA to Set Lower Limit on Perchlorate in Water

Saving Water, Improving Energy Efficiency

The Problem Is Clear: The Water Is Filthy

Uranium Exposure Linked To Increased Lupus Rate

The Problem Is Clear: The Water Is Filthy

Preparing for a Blue Economy

Making Every Toilet Flush Count—Creating Electricity From Sewage

October 2012

Most Big Companies Hurt by Water Problems, CDP Survey Finds

September 2012

Shrinking water's hidden footprint

Sunshine Helps Bring Clean Drinking Water To Third World Countries

NC State Leads National Effort To Evaluate Fresh Water Sustainability In The Southern U.S.

August 2012

The Investment Drought

Wall Street Took Our Homes, Now Our Water

Quarter of World’s Freshwater Used to Grow Wasted Food

Post-Fire Watersheds and Corporate Water Scarcity

The challenge of water resource management in drought-stricken Texas

July 2012

Stanching Water Waste

Honoring historical Valley waters

June 2012

New Mexico Governor Issues Drought Declaration

May 2012

Waking Up to a Crisis

Water Scarcity and a Looming Energy Crisis

April 2012

Fees and Anger Rise in California Water War

The Price of Water: A Comparison of Water Rates, Usage in 30 U.S. Cities

Congressmen, Mayors Urge WH to Invest in Water: New Report

March 2012

Gibbs Holds Hearing To Review Financing Tools For Water Infrastructure

February 2012

Water Infrastructure Bill To Top $1 Trillion

January 2012

'Miracle Tree' Substance Produces Clean Drinking Water Inexpensively And Sustainably

Could Tap Water Cause Lou Gehrig's Disease?

Food vs. Water: High Commodity Prices

Ancient Droughts, Modern Dilemmas

December 2011

The Age of Thirst in the America West

The Megadrought Paradigm

Glacial Tap Is Open But The Water Will Run Dry

November 2011

Drinking Water From Plastic Pipes — Is It Harmful?

September 2011

Water Authors Forum Will Feature Discussions on Solutions, Future Challenges

For Water and Energy, "It's Complicated."

Sacrifices and Restrictions as Central Texas Town Copes With Drought

Vegas tries to kick its water addiction

August 2011

Water For Future Generations

Heat pops pipes nationwide; brace for higher bills

Revealing Water's Secrets

Toilet Water Into Tap Water?

MSU Professor Launches New Field Of Water Research

Record percentage of United States experiences 'exceptional drought'

July 2011

Three books on water, its importance and its future

Conservation helps cause Indiana-American to seek water rate increase

Texas-Sized Challenges Facing Lone Star State Water

June 2011

'Coated Sand' Excels At Water Purification

Water For Future Generations

The Energy-Water Integration Act

American Water Offers Top Ten Water Conservation Tips For Summer

Rainwater harvesting increasing in U.S.

May 2011

Water Economy

Addressing the Water Energy Nexus

Portable Tech Might Provide Drinking Water, Power To Villages

Walking for Water

EPA, Army Corps Expand Clean Water Act Coverage

EPA Launches New Strategy To Promote Use Of Green Infrastructure For Environmental And Economic Benefits

Interior Releases Report Highlighting Impacts Of Climate Change To Western Water Resources

April 2011

In a Water-Scarce World, Wind Power Shrugs

Agriculture, People, And Ecosystems Compete For Limited Supply

Sharing key to West's water future, report says

Moulton Niguel Water District's new tiered-rate system with Water Budget

Water Sustainability

March 2011

Valuing Water: How Can Businesses Manage the Coming Scarcity?

Former National Leaders: Water A Global Security Issue

Imbedded Water, Increasing Costs

Austin Water: The High Cost of Saving

Low cost filter to provide safe water in a jiffy

February 2011

Water Labeling Systems Under Consideration

EPA to set limits on chemicals in drinking water

National Study Explores The Reaction And Transport Of Tungsten In Drinking Water

January 2011

Water, climate change, and sustainability in the southwest

U.S. water infrastructure in trouble

EPA Issues Guidance for Enhanced Monitoring of Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water

New York City Adopts Water-Saving Plumbing Code

Atlanta water panel passes new conservation measures

'Toilet To Tap' Wastewater To Potable

Drinking water debacle deals a blow to CDC and EPA

Water Consumption: Natural Gas Looks Better than Coal

Water in the West

Fluoride In Water Linked To Lower IQ In Children

Waterways Contribute To Growth Of Potent Greenhouse Gas

December 2010

Expectations For The Southwest: Hot With Decades Of Drought

Freshwater Sustainability Challenges Shared By Southwest And Southeast, Researchers Find

Probable carcinogen hexavalent chromium found in drinking water of 31 U.S. cities

59% of Colorado still experiencing drought conditions

Value of Water Survey

Effort Falters on San Francisco Bay Delta

Demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by as much as 40 % in the next 20 years

Water Efficiency Is Key to Securing Our Water Supplies

Waterwise East Launches the Water Calculator to Make Water Efficiency Requirements Easier to Meet

Report: More Than One out of Three US Counties Face Water Shortages Due to Climate Change

November 2010

Desal on the Rise

Elevated Nitrogen, Phosphorus Still Widespread in U.S. Water

Key Economies Of Australia, India, China And USA At ‘High Risk' From Water Stress

EPA Recognizes Nation’s First WaterSense Labeled Homes

Link found between arsenic in drinking water and strokes

EPA To Expand Chemicals Testing For Endocrine Disruption

October 2010

Water is abused because it's free

News of a parched West continues to flow

September 2010

Development in Colorado going with the flow of water deficit

What is pH, and how is it Measured?

Natural Odor Control For Wastewater Treatment Processes

August 2010

Legionnaires' Disease Outbreaks Cause Concerns

July 2010

The carbon footprint of tap water

Index Rates Nations Facing 'Extreme' Water Security Risks

Consumers Save Money, Water with EPA's WaterSense Program

Study Finds Dry Cities Have Cheap Water

June 2010

EPA Proposes Updating Drinking Water Rule to Better Protect Public Health >> more

Thirsty? Try a glass of skywater >> more

Discovery May Lead To Safer Drinking Water, Cheaper Medicine >> more

EPA is proposing to revise the 1989 Total Coliform Rule >> more

When Water and Energy Collide >> more

Upper Delaware Named America's Most Endangered River >> more

NASA Satellite To Help Monitor Water Consumption >> more

Is Water Running Out? >> more

May 2010

Water-Related Conflicts Set To Escalate >> more

Safe on-Site Reuse of Greywater for Irrigation - A Critical Review of Current Guidelines >> more

America's Thirstiest Cities >> more

April 2010

Ace Roto-Mold Introduces New Low Profile Cistern Tanks >> more

Novato offering rebates to residents to conserve water >> more

March 2010

DENR urges adoption of rainwater harvesting >> more

Coca-Cola expands water partnership with USAID >> more

Future Water Supplies Seriously Challenged >> more

Chino Valley looking at RWH ordinance >> more

Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly >> more

EPA rates showerheads >> more

Wasting water may land you behind bars >> more

Illinois rainwater harvesting bill passes first hurdle >> more

Utah OKs rainwater harvesting >> more

Stopping Household Leaks Can Save Enough Water to Sustain Colorado Consumers for Nearly Three Years >> more

February 2010

Dual-flush fixtures offer significant water savings >> more

Free market water - the impact >> more

Water rates continue to rise >> more

January 2010

Job creation potential from rainwater harvesting cannot be ignored >> more

New immigrant looks to make rainwater harvesting popular >> more

Australian water crisis offers clues for California >> more

As temperatures fall, taps dry up >> more

'Put rainwater harvesting in new homes' >> more

America's Dwindling Water Supply >> more

IPS considers challenges of rainwater harvesting >> more

Rainwater Harvesting Systems for high water tables and shallow excavation areas >> more

It’s legal to collect your own rain >> more

December 2009

Survey Finds Virtually All Building Professionals Concerned about Water Conservation >> more

Experiences with Rainwater Harvesting & Greywater >> more

EPA Releases First-Ever Baseline Study of U.S. Lakes >> more

Water And Energy Nexus Critical To Climate Change >> more

APMO GTC finalizes green supplement >> more

Paying for water with power >> more

Report focuses on role of water, rainwater harvesting in sustainable design >> more

HGCD committee approves conservation plan >> more

November 2009

Agriculture can adapt to climate change >> more

EPA Issues Rule to Reduce Water Pollution from Construction Sites >> more

A Comparison of Bottled and Tap Water Using Life Cycle Analysis >>more

ONGC in India makes rainwater harvesting compulsory >> more

Top 5 Green Building Products for Homes at GreenBuild 2009 >> more

tru2earth makes the tru2earth Life Cycle Roof Tile >>more

EPA Cites 14 Municipalities For Stormwater Violations >>more

It's Raining Money >>more

Council OKs landscape code, includes Rainwater Harvesting >> more

Rainwater Is Safe To Drink >> more

Collection systems are simple, cheap and easy to put together >> more

For millenniums, Yemen preserved traditions of rainwater collection and shallow wells >> more

More Water Rate Increases on the Way >> more

California lawmakers pass historic water package >> more

Americans Using Less Water >> more

Foothills man retrofits home to use rainwater >> more

Conserving soil in the wake of climate change >> more

October 2009

Soggy spots can prove a valuable resource >> more

Up on the roof tops- green and growing >> more

Washington State clarifies muddy rain collecting law >> more

High schools to integrate rainwater harvesting in science curriculum >> more

Chloride in Groundwater and Surface Water >> more

New ARCSA and American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) Rainwater Catchment Design and Installation Standards >> more

Breaking ground with a $1.6 billion plan to tame water >> more

Rain Shocked >> more

September 2009

Rainwater Harvesting and Energy Use study by NRDC >> more

Why Climate Change Makes Riparian
Restoration More Important than Ever >> more

August 2009

Santa Fe Offers Rebates >> more

CA Residential 'gray water' rules eased >> more

Goodbye Pools, Lawns and a Whole Lot More >> more

EPA Offers Water Saving Tips >> more

A First for Rainwater Harvesting >> more

One Size Doesn't Fit All >> more


July 2009

Texas Scorched by Worst Drought in 50 Years >> more

Los Angeles Invites Residents and Businesses to Participate in City's New On-Site Rainwater Harvesting Program >> more

Future Of Western Water Supply Threatened By Climate Change >> more

New law legalizes rain catchment >> more

Rain barrels turn into art >> more

New law legalizes rain catchment >> more

E=H2O >> more

Water Needs Electricity Needs Water >> more

Rising trend of short but intense spells of rainfall is making usable water scarce in India. >> more

Major project under way beneath new Gates Foundation >> more

Multinational company goes for rainwater in big way >> more

CO allows limited RWH, changes 120 year old law >> more

Southern Nevada Water Authority continues to block serious water management plans >>more

Graywater Primer >> more

Graywater study results can't be processed fast enough >> more

$260M in economic recovery investments to help California >> more

De-Watering Wyoming >> more

Lawton water rates could go up 75 percent >> more

What's In Your Water?: Disinfectants Create Toxic By-Products >> more

Changing climate will lead to devastating loss of phosphorus from soil >> more

LA Latest to Raise Rates >> more

Water Worries Shape Local Energy Decisions >> more

Nitrate levels high in drinking water due to lack of rain >> more

Water Quality of Potential Concern in US Private Wells >> more

Catching Raindrops Can Make You an Outlaw>> more

As climate changes, is water the new oil? >> more

New watering source is surfacing >> more

Forum Moves Water Higher Up Global Priority List > > more

UN Warns Action Needed to Prevent Water Crisis > more

Santa Fe water rates go up and up >> more

Rainwater Irrigation for Golf Courses>> more

Rainwater harvesting on a growth spurt.>> more

Yet Another 'Footprint' to Worry About: Water >> more

Water rates may go up by 700 percent >> more

Las Vegas running dry >> more


New Video: Reduce Runoff: Slow It Down, Spread It Out, Soak It In >> more


Buena Park water rates will go up 20% next month >> more

Rainwater could save BISD big bucks >> more

EPA Releases Rainwater Harvesting Handbook >> more

AWE Signs Historic Memorandum of Understanding
Forming a Water Efficiency Research Coalition >> more

Significant Purity Differences among Leading Brands of Bottled Water >> more

Bush Administration Covered Up 500+ Blocked Water Pollution Cases >> more

AWE Advises Obama's Transition Team on Investment in Water Efficiency >> more

The High Cost of High Pressure >> more

Pennsylvania American Water today
requested that customers voluntarily reduce water consumption by 5 percent
>> more

San Diego Homeowners to get a Water Budget >> more

Warming to cut Colorado water supply>> more

Green Roof Study Finds Vast Performance Differences for Cooling and Water Handling Abilities>> more

More rate increases on the way>> more

Cactus Goo Makes Water Safe >> more

Rainwater harvesting saves water, breaks the law >> more

Starbuck's with Water to Burn>> more

RainTube and Rainwater H2OG form alliance to market innovative Rainwater Rescue solutions>> more

Australia desal and water tank wars >> more

New Virtual Water Study attempts to measure water foot print >> more

Penn State Public Broadcasting Documentary on Nation’s Deteriorating Water Infrastructure >> more

City enacts strongest water restriction ever >> more

Spain may be a glimpse into our conservaton future >> more

Alta, Utah sees 25% rate rate >> more

Energy is Water >> more





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What is the best way of harvesting rain?

Why should I harvest rainwater?

Do I need pumps to harvest rainwater?

Can I use drip irrigation or soaker hoses with a rainwater?

How big a yard can I water?

How big are rain barrels?

I want more pressure, how should I raise it?

Can I water my grass with rainwater?

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