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Information Products

For any of the below products, just drop me an email and I email them directly to you. You will be invoiced via PayPal and you can pay either by PayPal, credit card or check. Let me save you time and money.

Guttering and Drainage Calculations - $25

Complete calculations with backup data on the recommended sizing of your site. Send zip code and square footage of roof and get back proper design alternatives for both the IPC and UPC plumbing codes. The reports include a 100-year rainfall map for your area.

Typically you will need at least 2 reports and sometimes 3 (i.e. 1 gutter calculation, 1 downspout calculation, 1 drain pipe to cistern or stormdrain calculation). Each report is $25, usually two reports, but will confirm number prior to proceeding.

These calculations are required to properly size your conveyance/drainage system. Undersizing your system can result in system failure and oversizing results in spending more money than you should be.

View Sample Gutter Sizing Report

Customer Comments - That's some really nice looking work, Doug. The carefully laid out details give me a lot of confidence as to the reliability of the results. I expect it will help us save more than the cost of the report, and ensure that we do things right. Thank you! - David from Austin, TX

You do very detailed work and your reports are great! - Paula, Designer St Louis, MO.

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Floating Extractor - $15.00

Save money, build your own from parts available at most hardware stores.

Why worry about where the water in the tank is pulled from? Isn't it all the same? The simple answer is NO. No matter how good your first flush system, if you have one at all, some particulates are going to enter the tank. Eventually, this material will settle on the bottom of the tank. So taking water off the bottom picks up these particulates. Some may be caught by an outgoing filter but this water may also contain heavy metals or chemicals which, at worst, may not always be filtered out and at best, will clog the intake filter faster.

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Best Tank Type for Your Installation - $25.00

This report assists you in determining the best tank type of your specific installation. You supply a little data on your water needs and I will generate a custom report with your best options.



Properly Size Your Tank, Supply and Demand - $25.00

This report assists you in calculating the amount of rain you can harvest and the proper size of tank for your requirements. You supply a little data on your water needs and the report provides you a very good estimate of how much water you can capture based on your locale and how much you may need based on your useage on a monthly basis. Additionally, you will get a water conservation comparison report for indoor water use.

Save time, send me your zip code and estimated monthly water needs. You will get back a full report on tank sizes, average rainfall and evaportranspiration data for your area. If you don't know estimated water needs, I will send you a questionnaire to help approximate water needs.

Customer Comments

"Thanks Doug, this is awesome stuff", John from Napa, CA.

"Excellent report - Mark from CO"




Rainwater Harvesting System Healthcheck - $150

Rainwater systems require ongoing maintenance and sometimes elements of the system just quit working.

If you live in Northern New Mexico, I can perform this onsite healthcheck for you that includes a check of all major components and a recommended list of actions.

Regardless if your rainwater harvesting system is working or not, if might be a good time to give it a healthcheck. Protect your investment, keep it running at it's peak peformance - give your system a healthcheck.




Water Audits - Indoor - $125

Indoor water use is a majority of water consumption in most households. It is usually very simple to save money with a few small changes. Oftentimes some of these changes will pay for itself in less than a year.

There are many, many tools on the Internet to assist you in performing an indoor water audit.

If you live in Northern New Mexico, I can perform this onsite audit for you that includes both short-term and long-term savings. The short-term are easy, quick hits and the longer-term (i.e. more expensive) options you would implement to bring down your monthly water bill over time.

As a professional water-auditor, I keep track of new products entering the market as well as know which ones truly work. The report includes the names/brands of products you should install.

Most indoor water-audits will pay for itself in less than one year.




Water Audits - Outdoors - $250

Outdoor water use is a majority of water consumption in the summer time and can really inflate water bills especially in areas with tiered water rates. There are many, many tools on the Internet to assist you in performing an outdoor water audit.

If you live in Northern New Mexico, I can perform this onsite outdoor audit for you. It will identify both short-term and long-term savings. The short-term are easy, quick hits and the longer-term (i.e. more expensive) options you should implement over time to bring down your monthly water bill.

As a EPA Watersense certified, professional outdoor water-auditor, I keep abreast of new products entering the market as well as know which ones truly work. An onsite audit report includes products you could install and potential savings. Audits reports will supply you the water consumed, compared to what you should be using. In the processing identifying potential savings in both water and money.

The standard includes the above and custom audits can provide a layout of the existing irrigation system and complete listing of all plants, with recommended changes.

Most outdoor water-audits will pay for itself in one-two years.




UV, Filtration Plans plus Parts Listing

Purchase a set of plans with parts listing. This gives you a drawing of how the parts fit together, a listing of all the parts you will need to properly install a UV filtration system for your rainwater system and a set of installation help instructions.

There are three variations for this set of plans: lowest-cost AC UV system, UV system with Alarm, or a DC UV system. All sytems are whole-house systems.

After you order you will recieve an email comfirming your order. You will usually receive an email with your plans within 24 hours.

UV Plan Types





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Can I water my grass with rainwater?

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